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Dr. Azza Adawy


Personal data:

Name:   Azza Ibrahim Ahmed El-Adawy                     

Current position:     Professor of Medical Parasitology, Parasitology department-  Faculty of Medicine- Cairo University.

Birth date: 13-8-1953                

Phone:                      (Home) 38510592         (Mobile) 01222400247


Administrative positions in : Head of Medical Parasitology Department

from August 2011 till August 2013

Title of the (M. Sc) thesis:

Possibility of trans-conjunctival route of infection of some parasites

Title of the (M.D-PhD) thesis: Effect of nutritional deficiency on some

parasitic infections


Educational background:


M.B. Cairo University   , Egypt, year:  1977

M. Sc:                 Cairo University, (Basic medical sciences): year: 1981        

                           1St part: Microbiology 

                           2nd part: Parasitology

M.D:                  Medical Parasitology year: 1988         


Professional Experiences:


·        House officer: from month February/year 1978  to month February /year 1979 

o   6 months, Cairo University hospitals (Kasr El Ainy)

o   4 months in other institute

·        Demonstrator (year 1979- 1982):

o   Parasitology  department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

·        Assistant lecturer (January/1982  to February/ 1988):

o   Parasitology department, Faculty of   Medicine, Cairo  University.

·        Lecturer (February/1988  to February/ 1993):

o   Parasitology   department, Faculty  of Medicine, Cairo University.                        

·        Assistant professor (February/ 1993  to March/1998):

o   Parasitology department, Faculty  of Medicine, Cairo University.

o   Professor (March/1998  to up till now  ):

§  Parasitology department, Faculty  of Medicine, Cairo University.


  Teaching Experiences:


o   Laboratory demonstration & Practical course to medical students, Cairo University.

o   Teaching the Parasitology Practical course to under gradate medical students, Cairo University.

o   Sharing in teaching the Parasitology curriculum to post graduate students of clinical pathology, Tropical medicine& Public health, Cairo University for M.Sc degree.

o   Sharing in teaching the Parasitology lectures, practical course, training laboratory Course, staining procedures & mounting procedures of Parasitology specimens to post graduate students of Parasitology dept. Cairo University for M.D degree.

o    Sharing in teaching the Parasitology lectures, practical course, training laboratory Courses to post graduate students of Parasitology dept. Ophthalmology Institute, Tropical medicine and Hepatology institute &the other Institutes related to Cairo University for M.D degree.

   Training courses & scientific activities:

o   I passed an e-learning course from the AUC in 2007

o   I shared in developing the Medical Parasitology course as e-learning program to be available for 3rd year medical students of the Faculty of  Medicine Cairo University website in 2008.

o   I prepared the course specification of Parasitology for 3rd year students in 2010 to match the requirements of NARS.

o    I passed a training course on “Electron microscopy in diagnostic fields” at Faculty of Agriculture Research Park, Cairo University in 2011.

o   Course & workshop on educational development (Faculty of medicine  University).

o   Course & workshop on Designing & Executing an OSPE or OSCE,  (Faculty of medicine Cairo University).


Grant Activity:

Title of Research:

I have won the proposal entitled “Role of Giardia-specific antibodies and other immune mediators secreted in Human Colostrum/Milk in providing Infants with Anti-Giardia lamblia Protective immune response” from Cairo University in 2011

Role: principle investigator


Special Awards:

I have won the State's Encouragement Award in Medical Sciences from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in 1997.



 I'm a member in the following societies:

- Basic Medical Sciences.

-  Egyptian Society of Parasitology.

-  Society of the Egyptian Parasitologists United.



I am one of the contributors of  the Medical Parasitology Book for 3rd year undergraduate students.


Supervision of thesis:

-Studies on the effect of some insecticides on some parasites and their hosts (1992).

-Intestinal parasitic infections in immunosuppressed subjects (1993).

-Detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in diarrhoeic stools (1997).

- Insight into the diagnosis of human Fascioliasis (2001).

- Molecular approach for determination of Plasmodium species and detection of mutation marker for chloroquine-resistance (2004).

- Evaluation of purified antigens from human and animal hydatid cysts regarding serological diagnosis of human hydatidosis (2005).

- Assessment of role of different hydatid vaccines in protection of animal hydatidosis (2006).

- Immunodiagnosis of active Fasciola infection by antigen detection assays (2007).

- Reliability of ELISA in detection of Giardia specific antigen 65 (GSA65) versus microscopy in single stool sample (2009).

- Comparison between conventional methods and copro-antigen detection for diagnosis of Giardia lamblia in human fecal samples (2009).

- Application of the polymerase chain reaction in detection and differentiation between E.histolytica and E.dispar (2009).