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Dr. mona Mahmoud


Personal data:

Name:   Mona Mahmoud Aly Hamed                   

Current position:     Professor of Medical Parasitology, head of Parasitology department-  Faculty of Medicine- Cairo University.

Birth date: 24/11/1958             

Phone:            (Home)  23593969                     (Mobile)    01223106002


Administrative positions in : Head of Parasitology Department since 26/12/2013 till now

Title of the (M. Sc) thesis:Immunological study in giardiasis

Title of the (M. D-PhD) thesis  Biological and immunological studies on Eimeria stiedae


Educational background:

M.B. Cairo University   ,Egypt, year:  1982    .

M. Sc:                 Cairo University, (Basic medical sciences):  year:1987     

                           1St part: Microbiology 

                           2nd part: Parasitology

M.D:                  Medical Parasitology year:1990         

Specialization:  Protozoa

Diploma of paediatric and genetic , cairo university,1993

Professional Experiences:


·        House officer: from 1/3/1983---  to 28/2/1984

o   -8----- months, Cairo University hospitals (Kasr El Ainy)

o   ----4-- months in (Elgalaa hospital, Onchology hospital)

·        Demonstrator (3/4/1985  ):

o   Parasitology  department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

·        Assistant lecturer(from 9/5/1988  to 26/3/1991  ):

o   Parasitology department, Faculty of   Medicine, Cairo  University.

·        Lecturer (27/3/1991  to 26/3/1996  ):

o   Parasitology   department, Faculty  of Medicine, Cairo University.                       

·        Assistant professor (27/3/1996  to 27/3/2001  ):

o   Parasitology department, Faculty  of Medicine, Cairo University.

o   Professor (28/3/2001  till now  ):

§  Parasitology department, Faculty  of Medicine, Cairo University.

Head oh Parasitology Department, Faculty of Medicine ,Cairo University

(26/12/2013 till now)

  Teaching Experiences:

Courses:  Please add or cancel any courses

o   Laboratory demonstration & Practical course to medical students, Cairo University

o   Teaching the Parasitology Practical course to under gradate medical students, Cairo University

o   Sharing in teaching the Parasitology curriculum to post graduate students of clinical pathology, Tropical medicine& Public health, Cairo University for M.Sc degree

o   Sharing in teaching the Parasitology lectures, practical course,  to post graduate students of Parasitology dept. Cairo University for M.D degree

o    Sharing in teaching the Parasitology lectures, practical course, training laboratory Courses to post graduate students of Parasitology dept. Ophthalmology Institute, Tropical medicine and Hepatology institute &the other Institutes related to Cairo University for M.D degree

o      Training courses:

o   Course & workshop on Designing & Executing an OSPE or OSCE,  (Faculty of medicine Cairo University) ----.

o   *attending Postgraduate programme of course specification on 10/4/2007

o   Sharing in preparing postgraduate programme and course specification in 2009

*student assessment workshop on 24/12/2008

*objective structured clinical/practical examination on 18/3/2009

*introduction of portfolios in postgraduate and faculty assessment

        *viva carts and checklist on 24/3/2013     

        *Workshop in blue print

*Attendance of workshop of professor Nigel Bax and professor pasty stark (University of Sheffield UK) ON 1-2 JUNE 2008 :

Managing curriculum change and principles and practice of assessment

Grant Activity:

Societies: I'm a member in the following societies:

- Basic Medical Sciences.

-  Egyptian Society of Parasitology.

-Society of the Egyptian Parasitologists United


 I am one of the contributors of  the Medical Parasitology Book for 3rd year undergraduate student


 Supervision of thesis:

*Comparison of the detection of specific antibodies , circulating antigens and immune complexes in experimental infection with Toxocara canis

*Study of the effect of praziquantel on intractable Schistosoma mansoni infection in children and in experimental animals

* Study of parasitic infections among children attending Abu El Reesh hospital *Comparative study of the effect of some insecticides and insects growth regulators on the adult

*Testing specificity of Schistosoma tegumental antigen in the immunodiagnosis of Schistosoma infected patients

*Detection of Cryptosporidium infections among children with diarrhea in Abu El Reesh University hospital

*Parasitological screening for Cyclospora and Isospora in patients with cancer